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5J Media is a full service media company specializing in sound mixing, sound design and post audio for film and video, as well as creative web design and video editing for all industries.

Film/Studio Audio Engineering

During film and video production, we provide professional recording of dialogue and Sound Effects (SFX), boom operation, and sound mixing. In post, we ensure sound levels are mixed evenly, then add/create Sound Effects (SFX), Foley, and Music for a flawless finish.

Responsive Web Design

Create the online presence you’re looking for with our full range of web design services. We’ll assist you with the planning, organizing, designing and programming of a creative and responsive website that achieves your image and marketing goals.

Promotional Video Editing

Utilize our state-of-the-art video editing techniques to sell your story or brand. Have a video you need filmed and edited? We can assist in finding the right crew to film your project, manage it, and ultimately edit it to YOUR specifications for your brand.

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