I know I am way late in finally viewing this film, but I don’t really spend much time at the movie theaters these days. It has nothing to do with the cost, it mostly has to do with the people. When I watch a film I don’t want to be distracted from it and it is hard for that not to happen when you are in a room with 200+ other people.

With an brilliant sound team being lead by Sound Editor/Designer Chuck Michael (X-Men: Last Stand and The Chronicles of Narnia) and co-supervisor John Larsen (X-Men Origins and The A-Team), ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’ was an superior movie, both visually and sonically.

The film has an amazing 5.1 surround mix that really brings it to life. The ambient sounds mixed well with the music, and the dialogue is nicely articulated and leveled throughout the entire film.

I had the luxury of being able to watch the SoundWorks Collection video about the sound before watching the film. Being able to see these small sound details they did in the film, from processed ambient sounds to chimpanzee SFX, come to life as a whole really showed the amount of work involved in film audio, and made this film what it is.

The crew had the opportunity to record actual chimpanzee sound effects for three days at Chimp Haven, which serves as The National Chimpanzee Sanctuary. They are an independent, nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide lifetime care for chimpanzees who have been retired from medical research, the entertainment industry or no longer wanted as pets. For more information visit: chimphaven.org


SoundWorks Collection: The Sound of Rise of the Planet of the Apes from Michael Coleman on Vimeo.

Post Written by James Alire

An accomplished musician and consummate professional, James Alire brings education, passion, and a wide range of experiences to the sound table. He has functioned as an IT specialist, recording engineer, and sound mixer/ editor in many arenas. He lives in Chandler, AZ, where he is expanding his company, 5J Media, to include web design and audio/sound services for musicians and filmmakers. For quotes or to hire James for audio and web services contact 5J Media.